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Did you know businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords?
(Google Economic Impact Report)

Whether you're looking to improve revenue & cash flow or grow your brand awareness, look no further than Google Ads.

UBM approach

Urban Block Media employs a strategic approach to creating & optimizing Google Ads for your business goals.

We take into account products & services offered, target markets including age and interests, ad location and keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is important as you assign keywords and phrases that represent your product or service. When a user searches for terms relevant to your paid search keywords, your ad will be shown, and the user has the option to click on the ad, driving traffic to your site.

All ads are run on a monthly budget, where you pay based on the number of clicks or conversions made by Google search users. In return, you receive an increased number of impressions, clicks, views, or conversions for your specific target market!

Urban Block Media also ensures all ads are mobile optimized so that no matter what device your potential customers are using, they'll see the ad correctly, every time.

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