Alpine Website

Nachurs Alpine Solutions is a leading manufacturer of “hot mix liquid fertilizers” in North America providing quality products since 1946. Nachurs Alpine Solutions has manufacturing plants in New Hamburg, Ontario; Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan; Marion, Ohio; Corydon, Indiana, Red Oak, Iowa and St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

UBM created a new website with various customizations and functionality. The website has custom products, equipment, and documents systems which allows users of the site to use various filters and rich navigation options. In turn, this allows finding products or documents fast and easy. It also allows the organization in the backend of the site to be simple and easy to manage.

One of the challenges UBM was faced with was a creation of a custom map of the administrative regions that Alpine uses for the territories of its district sales managers (DSM) that would allow users to easily find their sales representative. The final product not only has a listing of DSMs in the respective area, but also includes the option to find the DSM of the user automatically based on geolocation.

In addition to using the geolocation feature on the custom map, UBM also uses geo redirection to show users relevant content based on their geographic location.