The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Website

The seed of the Ukrainian Orthodox Faith was sowed on Canadian land, not by missionaries, but by simple peasants, who came from Ukraine and established themselves on the Canadian prairies. It is indeed on this simple, but at the same time deep, faith of the Ukrainian peasants-pioneers that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC) was established.

UBM was proud to develop a new website for the UOCC. The website has different unique customizations such as functional catalogs for clergy and parishes, which allow users to quickly and easily find information. Users can use a map alongside various filters and navigation options to find their respective parish and clergy. Additionally, both catalogs are connected so users can see which members of the clergy serve in which specific parish.

The UOCC also has hundreds of articles and documents, and as such, UBM implemented a document and media files catalogue system, which allows visitors to the UOCC site to easily and effectively navigate through this vast wealth of knowledge.