Web Development is one of the key services of Urban Block Media, a Web Development and Marketing company in Ottawa. When we talk about development, this includes everything from the website design process through to when we actually build a website, to the final deliverable of a live website.

In most cases, we suggest building websites on the WordPress platform - the leading development platform for many years. According to W3techs, WordPress has 58.6% of the CMS marketshare, and one in four websites on the Internet was built using WordPress.

However, we can always provide different levels of customization to create unique and custom features depending on what your company is looking for.

The experience of Urban Block Media has allowed us to create websites of differing complexity and functionality: from simple business card websites to online stores and corporate websites with unique and specific functionality.

Throughout the development process, we always pay attention to the specifications you require, the comments you have, as well as discussing the project budget to provide the most efficient development solution.

How we work



We work with you to understand your current web presence. Our developers evaluate and provide suggestions for the most appropriate technologies and components to use for your new site, taking into account their compatibility and reliability.


We stress that planning is a crucial part of the development process. Both parties should understand the timeline, deliverables, technologies to be used, website structure, and general design needs. A clear plan allows us to make the best prediction of a tentative website launch day and ensure that deadlines are met.


This is the most important part of the process. We break down this process into several phases and discuss our progress with you at the end of each phase. Our development is done on a temporary beta site, rather than on a live site, to maintain your online presence until you're ready to transition.

Test and Launch

Both before and after launch, we run a variety of tests to make sure that all components of the website work well on all devices and platforms. We also ensure that the hosting environment is set up correctly and ready for customer traffic. After your approval, we launch the site and monitor it to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Reliable and quality solutions first

Having experience with a variety of platforms and different web components, we always select the most reliable and quality options. This policy allows UBM to deliver a better final product that will be compatible on the market for years to come.

Recent work